Handmade with 4”white sage, lavender, and choice of quartz crystal, selenite, amethyst, or shell. 
White sage and lavender are powerful herbs for energy clearing. Perfect for raising the vibration of any space. 
✨Quartz Crystal- A powerful healing stone that raises any energy or intention. It protects against negativity, can I help to alleviate pain, and connect one to their higher self.

✨Selenite- This stone is perfect for meditation or energy healing work. It is a calming stone in nature. It also allows for clarity and peace during difficult situations.

✨Amethyst- A protective stone linked to the crown chakra, amethyst helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts. Reduces stress and anxiety, the stone is perfect for meditation.

✨Seashell- Seashells our representative of the Divine Feminine, and are symbolic of birth, good fortune, and resurrection.

These energy clearing and smudging bundles are individually handmade, and have been blessed with Reiki divine energy. They can be burned as traditional smudge sticks (though I would recommend removing the crystal, stone, or shell first) or they can be placed in an area that needs an increase level of vibration or clearing (on a shelf, in a corner of a room, etc.)

Makes and excellent housewarming or “just because” gift!

Please exercise care when burning the smudge sticks, make sure to fully extinguish when you are done.

Smudge Intention Bundles